Water, water everywhere!

Jump off Hwy 40 in Chatham-Kent and drive in almost any direction for 20 minutes and you’ll hit water. That’s one of the best kept secrets of our community. People driving by see farmland and don’t look further. It’s true that C-K farmland is some of the richest and most productive in Canada, but one reason for the exceptional land is the proximity to fresh water. Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay are on one side, Lake St. Clair and Mitchell’s Bay are on the other and the Thames River runs through us.

Fishing, boating, canoeing, water skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, freshwater game hunting…it’s all here in this beautiful, flat community that thrives on our water activities! Take a drive off the main highway and cruise your motorcycle or bicycle along Hwy 3 to follow the curve of Lake Erie or enjoy the many stops along the historic Route 1812 (Tecumseh Parkway). Water is part of the community’s present, for sure, but it also plays a large part in our rich past, with many War of 1812 battles taking place on the Thames River shores. The river also acted as an early highway allowing early settlers to make their way into Ontario from the United States.

Chatham-Kent marinas make the most of the popularity of our water sports. Each offers exceptional service and can be relied on to help answer questions about the local waterways.

Welcome to the waters of Chatham-Kent!