About Chatham-Kent

Cultivating Fun & Curiosity


Feed your mind with…

  • Battle sites from War of 1812-3, including the sites of the death of Shawnee Chief Tecumseh
  • Three Black History sites: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Buxton National Historic Site & Museum, and Black Mecca Museum
  • Live musical and theatre performances by world-famous and local talents
  • Interactive museums

Feed your body with…

  • The freshest foods straight from farm stands dotted along country roads
  • Excellent cuisine from gourmet meals in a chic setting to pub fare
  • Wine from a local vineyard and refreshing beer from a local micro-brewery

Feed your spirit with…

  • Walks along the only part of the Trans Canada Trail linked to the War of 1812
  • A motorcycle cruise along winding roadways that hug local waterways
  • Art festivals in local parks throughout the summer


Cherryfest, Shredfest, Threshing Festival, WAMBO, Retrofest, Festival of Porches & Verandahs and many more.

And don’t forget Shopping!

From clothing, shoe and hardware to antiques and sporting goods, our shop owners know the importance of personal service.

Welcome to Chatham-Kent!

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