Cycling, Biking, Hiking, Liking the excellent trails through Chatham-Kent

If you’re seeking freedom from the constraints of indoor entertainment, set out on a biking, motorcycling, walking or hiking trail through Chatham-Kent. Any trek through C-K is relatively easy because we’re…well, pretty flat. But that’s what makes us so attractive to those people who want an easy meander or ride through gorgeous countryside or along stunning lakes shores and river sides. 

There are over 430 km of designated bicycling trails through Chatham-Kent that will introduce you to our provincial parks, charming City of Chatham and provincial parks that are dotted throughout the Municipality. You can find designated bike routes at

For those who prefer a little horsepower in their cycling, you will want to cruise along the edge of beautiful Lake Erie on the South Shore Tour. Motorcycle enthusiasts agree that the scenic route along Lake Erie’s shoreline is one of the best in North America. Or follow the Thames Talbot Route along the Thames River that treks the path where British soldiers and their First Nations counterparts met and battled the American forces during the War of 1812. Whatever your path, find a route at:

For those who prefer to put foot to path, then you will truly enjoy the many groomed walking trails through Chatham-Kent. Whether you prefer rural, urban, creekside, riverside, bayside, or lakeside, there is a trail that will suit you.  For a list of trails:

Whatever mode of movement you prefer, don’t foget your binoculars. There are many natural sites you will find in C-K’s “banana belt” climate that you won’t find in other parts of Ontario.