In Birding by Melanie Cons

Go birdwatching in a rare Carolinian habitat that is so diverse and warm that it attracts an abundance of rare birds. Numerous species that travel along the main migratory corridor love to stop in the shallow waters, inland creeks, marshes and lush forests of Chatham-Kent. May brings Rondeau Park’s Festival of Flight and Wheatley’s Norm Chesterfield Birding Day.

Be thrilled by the 20,000+ geese, ducks and tundra swans that rest in our extensive marsh habitat. The area from Mitchell’s Bay to the mouth of the Thames River, along the southeast shore of Lake St. Clair is the transition between two major migratory routes: The Atlantic and Mississippi flyways.

Explore the Weelateéxung Nature Trail, “the good path”, and find yourself in a very special world of birds, animals and plants. The Weelateéxung Nature Trail hugs the southern shore of the Thames River and is respected by birders and nature lovers of all kinds for its special significance to the Delaware People.