wheatleyVisitors enjoy the cozy, friendly village of Wheatley for its world-class camping, fishing, hiking, bird watching, swimming and golfing.

Wheatley is home to the world’s largest fresh water commercial fishing port, Wheatley Harbour, with four fisheries offering fresh fish. Twin ramps accommodate 25-foot boats for quality rainbow trout fishing in Lake Erie. Every August, the Wheatley Fish Fest celebrates the village’s fishing heritage.

Situated along the main migratory corridor, Wheatley offers some of the best bird watching in Ontario. Wheatley Provincial Park and two nearby conservation areas draw thousands of birds each year.

The village is the home of birding legend Norm Chesterfield whose achievements put him in the Guinness Book of World Records. Every May a special birding event is held in his honour. Contact Wheatley Provincial Park: 519-825-4659.