Discover First Nations Culture in Southwestern Ontario!

The Delaware Nation welcomes you to visit their community of Moraviantown, one of the oldest settlements in southwestern Ontario. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, collector of Native arts and crafts or yearn to dance in a pow wow, this First Nations community has something for everyone.

Every Labour Day weekend, Moraviantown hosts visitors from across the globe to celebrate life, family and the heartbeat of Mother Earth during the annual Delaware Nation Pow Wow. You will not only see Indigenous dancers and drummers in action, but you will have the opportunity to join in. Don’t forget to try some fry bread!

The Weelateéxung Nature Trail is the Delaware Nation’s newest attraction, but it’s already a new hot spot for local hikers, birders and nature lovers! Weelateéxung means ‘the good path,’ and you’ll quickly understand why as you walk the trail which hugs the southern shore of the Thames River. There are signs to help you find the trail, and help you discover special plants and animals, which are of cultural significance to the Delaware People.

Before you hit the Weelateéxung Nature Trail or head home, stop in to one of the many independent retailers in Moraviantown for one-of-a-kind products, including crafts made by local artisans.

Delaware nationThe Naahii Grocery Store and Naahii Gas Station can be found at the corner of Littlejohn Road and Austin Line. Both businesses are owned and operated by Delaware Nation. The Naahii gas station recently opened February 2, 2016 and offers competitive pricing in our region while the grocery store has fresh produce, meat, dry goods, trail snacks and hot deli counter for all your grocery store needs.